Friday, January 15, 2016

Do I really require twice a year cleanings?

            This is a question asked sometimes by "self paying " patients. They are worried bout the costs of two check ups and cleanings per year. Although no one "needs" two cleanings a year ( I mean, after all it's not a life or death decision), most dentists recommend this as our standard recall schedule.                     
                That's because we feel this schedule allows us and our patients a good chance of avoiding many dental problems and helps prevent bone loss that if left unchecked can cause their patients to lose teeth. With the cost of a single tooth implant somewhere between 20000 to 50000 , not going twice a year to your dentist might not save  money over the long haul ( Sometimes cheap is expensive and expensive is cheap?).

          Most people understand the importance of having oil changes at the frequency their car manufacturers recommend but sometimes this same logic isn't as convincing  where their teeth are concerned. It should be pointed out that taking care of ones teeth is probably more important than car maintenance. A  car can be replaced with a newer and better model, but really teeth really can not.                     Fortunately  missing teeth can be replaced with dentures, fixed bridges and implants, but these approximations  are not truly as versatile as ones own teeth .

                      Teeth that are well cared for both at home and by the dentist can last a lifetime! Why not "get with the program" and have twice a year cleanings? 

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