Friday, March 23, 2012

"If nothing hurts me my mouth must be OK, right?"

               This is a line of reasoning I hear from patients at my dental office too often. The patient is usually explaining why they have waited so long to come in and they explain that they assumed nothing was wrong since they had no pain. 
              Unfortunately most dental problems don't hurt until they are rather advanced .Most often dental interventions are best performed at the beginning of the problem when they can't be taken care more easily and inexpensively
             Sometimes by the time the patient becomes aware of a problem it is too late for the dentist to come up with a "simple fix". If a small cavity is detected a dentist can easily repair the tooth with a small filling, but a tooth with a large cavity may require a root canal or a crown or even an extraction. 
              Early detection of dental problems is key to keeping your mouth healthy and happy and frequent cleanings and check-ups allow dentists to achieve this worthwhile goal!  

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