Monday, October 15, 2012

Why Is Dental Treatment Expensive?

So am back after some hibernation with a sensitive topic which is on every patients lips whether in pain or not…
While Dentists are fortunate to be involved in a helping profession, they are also small businessmen who run a private for profit business.
Getting started in dentistry is expensive and can leave young dentist's with a large debt load of Lacs of rupees in debt. Opening a dental office is also expensive with real estate at all time high and rentals. Dental offices are costly to build and even well established dentists can feel financial pressures.
Fees are of intense interest to many people shopping for a dentist on the internet and often patients seem to be shopping for affordable dentistry. This is all well and good, but usually it is wise when seeking ‘bids’ to stay away from the low bidder (unless you’re our government?)
As one of my wise dental assistants once pointed out ‘Jitna sugar daaloge utni meethi cheez milegi”. Similarly where dentistry is concerned good work takes time and usually has a fee that properly reimburses the dentist for his time. And operating costs being the same in an area, quite naturally the ones doing at a low cost are cutting corners somewhere.
Most patients demand that their dentist stay current both with their continuing education and expect that their dentists use first rate materials. Similarly dental laboratories that dentists employ to achieve create beautiful and well fitted dental restorations are not inexpensive either. It is not surprising that that a high percentage of any dental fee goes to paying operating expenses. Most dental offices have operating overheads of 60-70 percent or more.
Salaries and benefits for well trained dental staff can be expensive since they expect compensation that is competitive with the market place and they most talented employees can easily find work with other dental or medical facilities.
Although dentistry can be treated like a commodity just like any other, it is an ART and also a science. Often in dentistry as in life, it not what you do that’s important, it’s how you do it! An excellent filling is better than a poorly fitted crown. Many dentists do things differently and invariably some offer better results than others. 

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