Wednesday, February 12, 2014

What Should you do if your Filling Falls off...

If your filling falls off it is generally the time to call and schedule a dental visit. If your tooth is not hurting, it usually not so important to call your dentist, but you would be wise to seek an appointment within a week. Absence of pain is not a reason to delay seeing a dentist, since patients who report that a filling has fallen out can often have decay present or may have a piece of the tooth broken as well.

Once you visit your dentist, he will most likely need to take a dental radiograph or two so that he can diagnose the extent of the problem. If there is no decay present your tooth may just require a new filling. If decay is present, the dentist will need to clean it out prior to refilling the tooth. Bear in mind that in the event that the decay  has compromised the pulp, your tooth may require a root canal procedure and teeth with extensive missing tooth structure may be candidates for a crown instead of a filling.

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