Monday, September 26, 2011

A Periodontal case

A Male pt aged 46 yrs came to us with a problem of swelling in his Lower right Back tooth region.. Pt had a history of a previous flap surgery with bone grafting done around 4 yrs back.. On examination he had deep pockets generalised, expecially in the molar areas.. we had an OPG of 2009 and we again advised for a latest OPG.. and this is wat we got...

OPG - 2009

OPG - 2011

This is wat we did for the Right Lowers for the Patient..

We did a Root Resection for the patient... the tooth is Grade I mobile but it is stable and we r reviewing it closely...
This photo is at the end of 2 weeks of the procedure.
After 1 yr the tooth is still in a very good condition..
Heres an Xray after 1 yr of the procedure..

This a great way to save teeth if the patient is willing to go the long way and if he trusts the Dentist..