Monday, May 30, 2016

Growing Need for Cosmetic Dentistry

                 With the constant growing phenomenon that includes social media, TV, magazines, evolution of technology, more patients think about their image. It results in an extreme desire to have great selfies and an overarching desire to look younger.
For Example when a picture is posted on any social Media, no one wants to look bad. If someone scrolls through their pictures and feels that they have some extra kilos to lose; the individual will feel more pressured and motivated to lose weight to show the world that they look better than before.
This is happening all around us and is being reinforced by the cultural and societal norms of the twenty-first century. Celebrities in magazines and on TV have the desired look of tall and slim, with beautiful features, including their teeth.
          Its said that 47% of the people notice the smile first in a photograph or while talking to a person.
When a photographer takes a photo and asks the subject to smile, people don’t want to be embarrassed or ashamed of their teeth. Nowadays, the average person is more likely to invest in teeth whiteners, as well as cosmetic dentistry for the constant search of perfection.
When someone trips and cracks a tooth, their first instinct is to go running to the dentist in order to fix the broken tooth. In addition, coffee addicts are buying teeth whiteners to remove the unwanted stains on their teeth.
Everyone wants to feel and look beautiful within the definition set by the world around them. Brushing and flossing is not satisfying anymore because individuals do not believe that it does a sufficient job cleaning their teeth. Patients want bright, white, and flawless teeth, and are willing to pay extra to get them.
          Each year, the cosmetic dental industry has an increase in patients and revenue, making it a great option for individuals who have an interest in joining the dental field.

The schooling that is necessary to become a cosmetic dentist may be long and difficult, but the success afterwards makes it worth the while. Cosmetic dentists help patients feel more confident about them, which is something each dentist should pride themselves on.