Friday, August 16, 2019

Honesty is the Best Policy

        I have found my ability and the need to relate honestly is both a virtue and a curse. People who know you well may tend to trust you more if you are known for your honesty, since what they see and hear is what they get.

         People who meet you for the first time, not so much. Often people meeting someone new tend to "judge a book by it's cover, even when the cover doesn't project what's really inside. Personally I prefer to be truthful in my interactions with others. I may sometimes not tell others my every thought ( a sin of omission) but I really try to be truthful in my communications. This has for the most part worked out well but not in every instance.

             My patients who know me well, tend to know that I give them my best and most honest advice. I don't always paint an overly optimistic picture, but they can rely on me to be truthful and they know if I recommend a procedure, I truly believe it is their best option.

                  Sometimes this trait doesn't sit well with new patients who sometimes are hoping for a particular treatment plan that can be accomplished fast and good, in the most economical manner. This can at times happen, but some patients have unrealistic expectations and I will not mislead them into starting treatment with me without a discussion of what is their best option. I may include a second and even third option, but if what they want is something I can't in good conscience offer, I won't do it. These patient's either adjust their expectations or go somewhere else.

                 Sometimes  they tell me how a previous dentist was able to accomplish some dental magic, but to my mind the way that that dentist handled their treatment is not how I want to approach their treatment. Personally I enjoy sleeping soundly at night and dislike treatments that seem to be temporary in nature and may lead to worse problems. After all teeth don't grow on trees and implants are expensive replacements.