Monday, November 26, 2012

Ask me no questions, and I'll tell you no lies.

               The title of the post is a saying by Oliver Goldsmith which personifies the subject i am writing upon.. 

           It seems like some of the patients that we see, read this quote before coming to the doctors.. Well as hard nuts as we are, we do ask questions and a lot of them at that.. 

            The details of the patient or as we call it the Case History of the patient which involves a set of questions to be put forward to the patient - starting from Name, Age, Address, occupation to the Complain and the the details about it and also about the other parts of the body and sometimes about the parents and children too.. 

          I dont understand why do some patients have to lie about these things and that also to a doctor.. the noble profession as we call it.. We are here to alleviate your misery not to gain some vital info about your house or family.. 

           Each and everyone of these questions is necessary to us for forming a diagnosis to your disease and to  treat you well. And if you tell lies about any of this you are hampering your own health and treatment and God forbid if some complication occurs, you shall never be able to forgive yourself.. 

         Even a phone number or your correct and full address is necessary sometimes.. We arent here to spam your phones with msgs or to flirt (female patients look astonished when we ask their age) so better we get all your details correctly and well informed then to play with your own lives..
          Here I would give you 3 examples of patients giving me wrong / incomplete information in the last 1 month and putting their lives or their children lives in danger..

1. A Female scheduled to undergo a surgery didnt tell us about her pregnancy until it gained a complication 1 week after the surgery was done.. She put herself under the stress of surgery, put herself under the Xrays and the complication later and then decided to abort the child..

2. A 8 yr old child who was scared to visit a dentist and had very little medical history suffered a Brain Stroke on the dental Chair and had to be immediately shifted to the hospital and underwent a Brain surgery..

3. A 28 yr old Patient fills up a form and details of all his brother and gets his treatment done just for faking a bill and getting reimbursed for it.. 

              So i request you to kindly give all your details as they are in your full knowledge to the doctors and we shall treat you to the best of our capability.. Remember we are all under Hippocrates oath and your information remains with us only..
Lastly, I pray to God that you dont have to come to us at all.. 

Keep Smiling..